How Does it Work?

What is the process?

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

Be more EFFICIENT in the way you do business.


Whether you are searching for consultants or looking for opportunities, it all starts with creating your company profile. Here you can tell us what makes you who you are and what your company does best. This information is then compiled into our algorithms and used later on in the bidding and review cycle.


Create an RFP

If you're looking to find the best consultant for a job, you can upload an RFP for firms to bid on. You can even invite firms you like to work with or think would be a great fit. The more bidders, the better the competition.

Search for an RFP

If you're looking for your next project, you can search based on market, discipline, geography, and easily filter results to find potential projects that are best for you. You can also save searches and watch RFPs to track their progression.


Analyze the bids

We help you sort through the bids you received. You can filter the proposals in a variety of ways so that you can prioritize consultants for whatever is most important to you on a given project. Options include: cost, expected completion time, proximity to jobsite, insurance requirements, firm size, and more.

Learn from experience

When is the last time you were told the reasons why you weren’t awarded a job? We can help you gain some insight into why you weren’t chosen so that you can prepare for your next proposal. Every bidder receives results stating their position in several categories as compared to their peers. Our algorithms then provide each bidder with a percent chance to win so their firm can better predict their upcoming backlog.

We believe that being more efficient gives you more time to do what you want to be doing.