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July 07 2016 // 5:00 AM

​Reviewing: The Market Share Blog by NAIOP

Written by Alex Smith | @PAEVENalex

Reviewing: The Market Share Blog by NAIOP

The blog titled Market Share is hosted and curated by NAIOP and has dubbed itself “The Official Blog for Commercial Real Estate.” The posts include a wide range of topics from online retail to adaptive reuse projects to industrial leasing. The power and size of NAIOP further adds to the credibility of the sources, content, and relevancy of what’s covered in the series. The articles span many markets within the commercial real estate space, but they also span industries . Its bloggers post a new article every few days, which keeps the content fresh.

“[Market Share] is a vehicle for commentary and analysis on commercial real estate and issues affecting the development industry.”

The series is not exclusive to writers employed by NAIOP, although some posts are from the NAIOP staff.  Anyone is welcome to submit articles to be posted, after review of course. Most authors are intimately involved in the commercial real estate profession, but they also include those from other related industries. Its mainstays include Kathryn Hamilton, Brielle Scott, and Marie Ruff, to name a few, who are all employed by NAIOP. 

What is most refreshing is the short length of the majority of the blog’s posts, which tend to be mashups of relevant news articles from other sources. But embedded links create a platform to dive deeper if a topic piques your interest. At times you want a quick dose of information and nothing more; others leave you with more questions than you started with. What I find particularly interesting is the Developing Leader Spotlight articles. These shed light on young leaders in the field who are making waves and proving their worth through success in the industry. It’s great to hear ideas and thoughts from these developing professionals in an interview format.

Maybe you’d like to submit an article on a niche topic that you are reading about or practicing in the market landscape today. I encourage you to start writing a post and submit it to Market Share; who knows, it may be published on their blog! Below is a list of a few of my favorite posts. I keep going back to stay informed and get new perspectives on the ever-changing commercial real estate market.

If you have some free time right now, follow the link to start reading:

Have you found a favorite post yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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