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July 15 2016 // 5:00 AM

Reviewing: EntreArchitect

Written by Alex Smith | @PAEVENalex

Reviewing: EntreArchitect

This review will appeal more to architects, but I wouldn’t stop the entrepreneurial engineers out there from diving into this blog, as many of the lessons encapsulated within the EntreArchitect site would be useful for the other side. If you own a small architecture firm, or you are looking to start one, this is your new source for all things related to starting, building, growing, and maintaining your practice. EntreArchitect is a blog, podcast, store, school, and community resource tool designed specifically for the small architecture firm owner. Founder Mark R. LePage originally conceived the site as a personal way to keep track of the things he learned while running Fivecat Studio, which slowly evolved into the robust network of knowledge resources and people that it is today. 


“Everything we dream of being as a small firm architect depends on the financial success of our business.”
-Mark R. LePage

Let’s start with the blog posts, the backbone of the entire operation and still going strong. You can find all posts dating back to 2007.  These posts evolved from bursts of thoughts and links based on founder Mark LePage’s experiences and industry resources, into more complex articles on everything from business, to marketing to technology, and contemporary issues in the profession. The blog is updated about once a week. The following is a sampling of blogs that will pique your interest:



The many podcasts—and there are a lot of them—are another avenue for LePage’s personal insights. EntreArchitect interviews architecture’s key players and channels ideas from industry leaders straight to its listeners’ ears. Here are a few to get you started:

EntreArchitect is actively involved in discussions about business and the importance of profitability for a sustainable practice. The blogs and podcasts are all free, but EntreArchitect needs cash flow, just like every other business. This is where the store and the Academy come into play. In the store you can buy digital courses and document templates. The site provides links to recommended books on the business of architecture. Why go through the process of creating common forms and checklists when you can save your precious time and start with ocuments endorsed by a successful small firm architect? 

The Academy is a series of online courses where users are present and active in group discussions.  This is an essential learning resource and comes highly recommended. Being enrolled also unleashes all document templates at no additional cost. Enrollment occurs just like a real class would; this way, members stay at the same pace, adding structure to the online courses. At this time the EntreArchitect Academy is closed, but that shouldn’t stop you from joining the waitlist for the next session to get notified when it’s time to enroll.

EntreArchitect also boasts a large LinkedIn group of over 15,000 members. Jump in there, read some posts, comment, and ask questions. Every member is there for the same reasons: to learn, expand, and share what they’ve learned. EntreArchitect is also active on twitter as @EntreArchitect or @MarkRLePage, if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe a weekly newsletter is more your pace; he’s got that too. If there is one thing I’ve realized about Mark R. LePage, it is that he is truly dedicated to the power of sharing knowledge about the field and helping architects become successful as leaders and business owners.

Don’t take my word for it, follow the link to start learning.

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