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August 04 2016 // 5:00 AM

How to Wake up on the Right Side of the Bed

Written by Dan Fabriziana | @PAEVENdan

How to Wake up on the Right Side of the Bed

Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Hello everyone! In this Savant article I’m going to disclose a few tips on how to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed, and instead getting your day started off on the right foot.    


For the longest time I would always close my blinds all the way at night right before I went to be and boy, was that a mistake.  When my alarm would go off in the morning I had the hardest time waking up, especially in a pitch black room.  Also, it is never enjoyable waking up from a deep sleep to an annoying beeping sound.  I started to leave my blinds partially opened at night a couple years ago and it has made a significant improvement with helping me wake up on the “right side of the bed.”  By letting the natural light come in through the windows, your body will naturally know that it’s time to wake up.  As a result, it will slowly start producing more adrenaline, and by the time your alarm goes off, you will already be ready to start your day.


When you wake up in the morning it is very important to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the day ahead of you.  That is why I set my alarm 20 minutes prior to when I really need to wake up.  By doing this I don’t need to wake up, fly out of bed, and rush through my morning.  Instead, I can methodically turn off my alarm, lay in bed for a while stretching all of my extremities to increase blood flow to all of my muscles, mentally go through my tasks that I have to complete in the day, and then once I’m good and ready to attack the day, I’ll finally get out of bed.  Now, doesn’t the latter of the two mornings I described to you sound a lot better than the first?


Ever since I was a little child my mother always preached to me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Her words usually went in one ear and out the other. However, as the years went by, I would hear more and more people preaching the same thing.  Flash forward 30 years and here I am writing a blog on how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast to start your day.  There have been many studies performed on the effects of eating a healthy breakfast, and all of the experts usually conclude that by eating breakfast in the morning, you jumpstart your metabolism, receive the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to keep you energized and focused, and improve your memory throughout the day. 


This was probably the hardest activity for me to add to my morning routine. However it is also the most beneficial!  I have always had a very slow metabolism, so exercising is very important for me to keep the weight off.  As a little child, through my adolescent years, and even through college, I was able to get a heavy dose of exercise through sports, playing outside, or spending time in the weight room/gym.  Once I graduated from college and started working full time as an engineer, I lost the free time throughout the day to workout.  I would still be able to exercise after work on days when I would get off at 5, but it wasn’t as consistent as I would’ve liked it to be.  I eventually met the love of my life and became a home owner, and for that I am forever grateful.  However, the little extra time that I had after work is now spent on keeping the house in order—I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about—and spending time with my significant other.  Needless to say, it is very hard to get to a gym or go for a run after work.  By including a run or going to the gym in my morning routine, I get the exercise that I need daily before any of the chaos starts.  Studies also show that by exercising in the morning, your body will produce endorphins that will last the majority of your day.  I also find that my morning walk or run gives me another 20 minutes to think about the day and come up with some creative ideas on how to attack it.     

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Daniel Fabriziana 


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