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July 19 2016 // 5:00 AM

​Five AE Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

Written by John Baucco | @PAEVENjohn

Five AE Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

It seems like nowadays you can find a blog on just about anything. Heck, there’s even one dedicated to ugly babies found on renaissance paintings (and I actually find it pretty funny). My point is, if you want to learn more about something, you can probably find a good blog on the subject to help you out. The architecture and engineering industry is no different, and there are hundreds of blogs that cover everything from engineering tips to interesting modern-style architecture. Lucky for you, I took the time to go through these blogs so you don’t have to! Here are the five blogs that you should be reading.

1.    EntreArchitect

EntreArchitect was started in 2012 by Mark LePage to serve as a business resource for owners of small architecture firms. As their website puts it, EntreArchitect wants “to be a great and enduring company by building and maintaining a growing and vibrant community of engaged small firm architects who are seeking success in business, leadership and life.” The blog has been so successful that they have gone beyond blog posts to include a podcast series, helpful products, and the EntreArchitect Academy, which brings together a community of small-firm architects to dive deep into issues ranging from client management to marketing. Although EntreArchitect is geared toward small firm architects, the lessons and tips that are presented on the website can help owners of engineering firms as well. 

Check them out at

2.    The Engineering Career Coach

The Engineering Career Coach is a website dedicated to doing just what their name implies. Their mission is to “provide powerful Content, run a supportive Community, and foster meaningful Connections for engineers who want to lead extraordinary careers and lives.” The website was founded by Anthony Fasano, a professional engineer who traded in his pencils and calculator and is now a full time speaker and career coach. Anthony was able to become partner at an engineering firm at the age of 27, and he is using what he learned along the way to help thousands of engineers advance in their careers. The Engineering Career Coach has resources for just about anything you might need as an engineer, whether it be work advice or life advice. As is the case with EntreArchitect, The Engineering Career Coach can be a valuable resource to both engineers and architects alike. 

Visit for more.

3.    PSMJ’s Blog

Many of this blog’s readers are probably very familiar with PSMJ and all of the helpful resources they offer those in the architecture and engineering industry. They are a leader in providing business advice for architecture and engineering firms. What you may not know, however, is that PSMJ maintains a very insightful blog that is packed with helpful tips for both architects and engineers in any stage of their career, whether you own your own business or are a young professional fresh out of school. My favorite thing about PSMJ’s blog: there is a monthly recap that covers the 10 most popular blog posts that month. I use this monthly recap as my filter, so I can get the best content the blog has to offer without having to look at every post. I highly recommend PSMJ’s blog if you are a business professional looking for great advice that is served up quickly. 

Go to to start reading today!

4.    Business of Architecture

The Business of Architecture blog is very similar to EntreArchitect’s blog in that they are both dedicated to advancing the business of small architecture firms. Its creator is Enoch Sears, a respectable architect in his own right. Enoch’s overall theme is making money, and he stresses that it is the act of making money that will give architects the extra time to become more creative in their designs. Although all of the content on the website is valuable, its most important item is  Enoch’s free book Social Media for Architects. The book covers everything you need to know about promoting your business on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and through blogging. The book also includes a series of case studies so you can see how other architects in the industry have been successful using social media. As I mentioned before, this resource is absolutely free, so I am going to consider you a fool if you do not go there and download it right now (after you finish reading, of course). 

Get the book, and much more, at

5.    Axium Blog

Deltek Axium is the company behind Ajera, an accounting and project management software created solely for architects and engineers. The Axium Blog brands itself as “Your source for A&E best practices,” and the topics it covers include finance/accounting, project management, firm management and government business, and things you need to know when you’re a contractor for a government agency. Given their nature as the creator of an accounting and project management software, Axium should be your go-to resource for those two facets of your business. If your company uses Ajera, then you can gain even more from this blog as it provides numerous helpful resources on how to get the most out of the program. 

To learn more, go to

Although it may seem like the internet is overcrowded with blogs that continually spew out garbage, there are still plenty of useful resources if you know where to look.  These are my favorite five blogs when it comes to the business side of the A/E industry, but I know that there are plenty of other quality ones out there. If you have a blog that you read regularly, or even have your own blog that you think can be helpful to our readers, please share it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

John Baucco, EI

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